Spirit Council

(GRADES 5-8)

The Our Lady of Refuge Spirit Council is comprised of students that are selected from their class to take on leadership roles in the school. The Spirit Council meets every other week to plan service activities, coordinate fund-raising efforts for service projects, plan student social events, and promote school community building, and prayer services.

2012 – 2013 Student Council members are

SPIRIT COUNCIL 2012 – 2013 In God’s Image

Grade 5

Kristen Denha

Amber Efthemiou

Lauren Hamama

Joshua Hailo

Sacastren Jameel

Jackson Kerrigan

Julia Lucia

Alec Stasiak

Isabella Tatem

Sydney Webb

Grade 6, 7, 8

Daniel Brzozowski

Sicilia Jameel

Nicole Choulagh

Matthew Kesto


Mrs. Wilski

5th Grade



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