It’s Fundraising while you shop!!!

You can purchase gift cards from America’s most popular retailers. Purchase them for your own personal use or as gifts to give to others (think: Christmas gifts, birthdays, etc). Our Lady of Refuge will earn money with each purchase through rebates! Best of all, there are NO activation fees!!!

It’s fast and easy!

Scrip Program

The Parents’ Club is proud to re-introduce Scrip program back to our school.  We can easily earn a substantial amount of money by participating in the program, presenting the store’s corresponding scrip card and shopping! 


Jennifer, Saly, Renadah, Kelly

Shop With Scrip

Shop with Scrip is an on-line scrip management program.  Families purchase gift certificates from national and local retailers like Macy’s, Neiman Marcus, JCPenney, The Gap, Shell, Pizza Hut, Red Lobster and many, many others.  These gift cards can be used for purchases we already make or they can be given as gifts.  Our school earns a certain percentage, which range from 4% to 12% per gift card purchased.   We can purchase these gift cards in advance, knowing we are going to shop at any of the participating retailers.  Use the card when shopping instead of using cash, paying by check or credit card at the time.  Just think about it, we are going to shop anyway, why not plan for a purchase of a gift card in advance to earn money for our school!!! We have an account set up for our school with an enrollment code.   Families who wish to purchase the gift cards can request the purchase through me, pay me with a check and I will deposit the check into the Parents’ Club bank account.  I will then place the order for all families.  The amount that we purchase will be deducted from our Parent Club bank account, less the percentage we earn and a flat shipping fee of $7.75.  The gift cards come to me and I will disburse them. Alternately, families can request a purchase online at  You will use our school’s enrollment code and link your checking or savings account.  The amount you purchase could be deducted directly from your checking or savings account.  I, as the coordinator, will release all purchases at the same time and disburse the gift cards once they are delivered. I will place an order on the last day of each month.  The gift cards should arrive within a few days.  If we have a great demand for gift cards and want orders more frequently, I can then adjust our orders accordingly and place the orders on the 15th of each month.  For now, however, we will begin with monthly orders. Please contact me for the enrollment code or for any additional information  .   Remember to always take advantage of all the ways we can raise money for our beautiful children at our wonderful school.  Keep in mind, you can ask family members and friends to participate also!

Start shopping everyone!

Christal Hailo

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