OLR Parents’ Club 2018-2019

What we do:

The Parents’ Clubs’ objective is to work for the welfare of our school children by enriching their education through special activities and funding various school enhancements.  We promote open communication between administration, teachers and parents and we encourage school spirit and pride. 

Parents’ Club Board Members

President: Kim Wisniewski

Co-President: Farrah Barbat

Vice President:  Renadah Arabo

Treasurer: Kelly Klimmek

Secretary: Wendy Montowski

A message from the board:

We encourage everyone to attend our Parents’ Club meetings and school events.  We are looking forward to meeting families, parents and grandparents that would like to get involved with our Parents’ Club this school year.  We encourage you to not only attend meetings, but get involved as well!  Everything we do is based on volunteers and we are always looking for those of you to help make a difference in the lives of our children.  Our group meets every other month to discuss events, plan programs, and share ideas.  This is a wonderful way to find out what is happening in our school from the parents perspective.  God bless you and God bless OLR!  Go Ravens!

Kim, Farrah, Renadah, Kelly and Wendy



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