Math Pentathlon

OLR’s second and third graders participated in a Math Pentathlon Tournament on Saturday. They all played very well with each pentathlete getting at least one victory and some kind of an award.

Refuge was able to earn two metals. The Hall of Fame Metal went to Roman Kalasho and the Gold Metal went to Mia Kashat. Each student wore their award to school to show their classmates and teachers. However, more important than the metals, was that our children represented their school, family, and faith with the utmost respect and courtesy.

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OLR Math Pentathlon

First Graders Focus on Writing Reports

First grade’s writing focus this past month was on reports. Each student chose their favorite animal to research and to write their report about. Students gathered information from non-fiction text, wrote a rough draft and typed their rough draft in computer class. Finally, they dressed up as their animal to give a presentation of their report to the class.  They learned so much, and they looked awesome!

Animal Report

4th Grade Spanish Supermarket!

Our fourth grade Spanish students had the opportunity to practice their speaking skills by participating in a mini-supermercado (supermarket)! Students learned key vocabulary words and gained insight into currency used in Spanish-speaking countries. Students “bought” and “sold” their individual fruit or veggie, and all had a great time! We are very grateful for our parent volunteers as well.

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OLR Has Talent!

The students of OLR had a chance to show off their God given talent recently at our annual talent show! It was a great success.

The groups and solo acts sang and danced much to the audience’s delight. It was an excellent display of talent that the kids, parents and teachers look forward to every year.

Great job OLR!

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Science Day

Our Lady of Refuge’s sixth grade class celebrated Science Day with a field trip to the Michigan Science Center. The excursion began with an electricity show in the Sparks Theater where the hair of one student literally stood on end! In a hands-on exhibit, the sixth graders learned about the forms of energy by attempting to lift a 1,000 pound weight. (They succeeded!) An engaging IMAX movie taught the class about the microbial mysteries around us, followed by a presentation in the Planetarium about the vastness of the universe. The day was wrapped up with a ride on the Planetarium’s virtual Mobius Strip roller coaster. It was a fantastic day of science fun for everyone!

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Skool Speeling Bea, oops – School Spelling Bee

OLR School Spelling Bee

Julia Lucia, an eighth grader from room 112, Ms. Karlowicz’s class, is the Our Lady of Refuge Spelling Bee school champion for the Scripps National Spelling Bee for 2015-2016. Julia competed against thirteen other students in grades 5-8. Each student approached the microphone very calmly and recited each word carefully, spelling each word correctly. Julia’s ‘winning word’ was MELODRAMATIC. Julia won a personal Spelling Bee trophy for herself, will have her name engraved on the school Spelling Bee Champion plaque and will now move up to the next step of the Spelling Bee at Oakland Schools on Sunday, February 7, 2016. Let’s wish Julia all the best and extra good luck on her exciting adventure.

The runner-up speller was Nick Harbaugh, from room 117, and will receive a runner-up trophy. All participants received a Spelling Bee participation certificate.

Ms. Karlowicz – 8th grade teacher, Spelling Bee Coordinator.

5th Grade Retreat

Each grade takes part in a retreat during the school day at OLR, and the 5th graders had their class retreat in January. The focus of the retreat was “The Feast Day of the Baptism of Jesus.” The students learned so much!

To begin, Father Thanh came to speak to them about the significance of our Baptism and gave them a special blessing. The kids engaged in conversation with him and had a chance to ask some great questions! Next, they traveled into the church for a tour of all things pertaining to the sacrament of Baptism. They saw where the oil is kept, saw the baptismal font and learned about the beautiful tapestry in our church depicting the baptism of our Lord. Lastly, the kids got to see their own Baptismal certificates and do a craft that represents the importance of the sacrament of Baptism.

The 5th graders had a wonderfully informative, fun and blessed retreat!

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Creature Dan

Recently, Mrs. Murphy’s third grade science unit came to life when Dan Briere and his Little Creatures came to the classroom. Students were able to touch, pet and observe various animals Dan brought in.

During this hands-on lesson, students were challenged to answer questions such as which animals were vertebrates or invertebrates. They had fun categorizing the animals into groups: mammals, amphibian, reptile, birds or arthropods. Some animals that he brought were a python and a pencil snake, a chinchilla, a tortoise, a scorpion, a centipede, a parrot, a skink, and even an alligator!

Students were in awe and everyone had a lot of fun!

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A Visit from St. Nick!

St. Nicholas paid a visit to the students of OLR! His visit helped us to help celebrate and remember his feast day and the true meaning of Christmas. The children heard the story of St. Nicholas’s life, and all of the things he did to make a difference and help those in need. The kids enjoyed a candy cane left in their shoes in the hallway as well. The spirit of St. Nicholas is alive at OLR. Merry Christmas!

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New First Grade Teacher – Mrs. Tahmouch

Mr. Robert Pyles, Principal of Our Lady of Refuge School, is pleased to announce that Mrs. Jessica Tahmouch is joining our school faculty as our new 1st grade Teacher.

Mrs. Tahmouch grew up in Farmington and moved to Grand Rapids where she attended Grand Valley State University earning her Bachelors Degree in Group Social Studies and Elementary Education.  She previously taught three years at a charter school in Dearborn.

“I am very excited to join the OLR staff and look forward to meeting each child and family throughout the school year and working with you for a successful year in first grade!”

Mr. Pyles commented, “I am pleased to have Mrs. Tahmouch join our faculty.  Her experience will be a key asset as we continue to develop and strengthen our curriculum to meet the needs of our students both today and into the future.”

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