National Junior Honor Society

The Application Packet is due no later than February 6, 2023

Application forms available for download (pdf format): Application

Additional Information

What is the National Junior Honor Society?

The National Junior Honor Society is an organization that gives recognition to exceptional students of the Our Lady of Refuge Catholic School. Students who are chosen for membership have illustrated scholarship, leadership, citizenship, and character.

When are students selected?

Students are evaluated in the spring of the seventh grade and again in the spring of the eighth grade. An informational meeting is held sometime in the spring with students who meet the membership criteria and have no disciplinary referrals within the selection year.

How are students selected?

The first standard that must be met is scholarship. To be considered for membership, students must have a cumulative GPA of 3.75 along with a B or higher in conduct and effort. The average used is the same as that used to determine the honor roll. Students that satisfy this requirement are invited to an informational meeting.

At the informational meeting, students receive a packet containing a student information sheet and five recommendation slips. Students fill out their information sheet, telling us about extracurricular activities, awards, community involvement, etc. They are instructed to give the recommendation slips to one previous academic teacher, two current academic teachers, one special area teacher and one coach or club advisor.

On the recommendation form, students are given ratings for leadership skills, citizenship, and character. There is also space for comments. Each form has a maximum rating of 40 points. To go on to the next stage for consideration, students must receive a minimum of 110 out of 120 possible points.

At the final stage, the Faculty Council considers each student for membership. All information is considered at this time. The Faculty Council consists of 5 teachers. The advisor and administrators may not be voting members of the council. From the final pool of eligible candidates, the Faculty Council selects those students who best represent the ideals of the National Junior Honor Society.

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