Library Home


The 2018-2019 school year marks my 14th year as the Our Lady of Refuge Librarian.  It has been a fun and rewarding journey.  When I first began in the Fall of 2005, the book checkout process was performed manually, a card catalog was located against the wall for students to “look up” books, and the library (as it was called back then) did not have enough space for a whole class to sit and study.  We have come a long way in 14 years.  Located in the Media Center today are iPads, chromebooks, a touchscreen computer for students to use, a scanner to check out books electronically and six tables, giving space for a teacher to bring a class.  It is a warm and inviting place for students to study and read.

My job is to coordinate and communicate with the principal and teachers to ensure that each student has the necessary resources needed to be academically successful.  My goal for this school year is to instill a love for reading in each and every student . . . one that will last not just through their academic years, but throughout their lives.

Lisa Brinkman



                                                                    JOHNATHAN RAND