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Following are the writing units each grade level will be completing this year.

Sixth Grade7th Grade8th Grade
Launching the Writer’s Notebook(Personal Narrative)Launching the Writer’s Notebook(Memoir)Launching the Writer’s Notebook(Narrative Poem)
Argument Paragraph(Argument Paragraph-Claim)Argument Paragraph(Argument Paragraph-Claim +  a Reason)Argument Paragraph(Argument Paragraph-Claim + two reasons)
Literary Essay(Literary Essay-Character/Plot))Literary Essay(Literary Essay-Theme)Literary Essay(Literary Essay-Character/Plot/theme/literary devices)
Informational Essay(Cause/Effect Informational Essay)Informational Essay(Chronological Informational Essay on an historical event)Informational Essay(Compare/Contrast Informational Essay on a current issue)
Writing the Argument(Authentic Letter of Complaint)Writing the Argument(Proposal Essay)Writing the Argument(Op-ed)
*Writing is a process so each unit takes about 4-6 weeks. Students are graded on their daily writing workshop habits, effort, and behavior in addition to one final published piece at the end of each unit.

2020-2021 School Theme: Be kind to others.

Mission Statement: Our Lady of Refuge is a Catholic school family committed to celebrating our personal love for Jesus Christ through our spiritual and academic life, as we ask our Blessed Mother for guidance everyday.

Vision Statement: Provide a safe and nurturing environment in which students encounter the living God so they have roots to grow for a solid foundation.