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Welcome to Mrs. Garber’s Class

2020- 2021

Our Lady of Refuge is a Catholic school family committed to celebrating our personal love for Jesus Christ through our spiritual and academic life, we ask our Blessed Mother for guidance everyday.

4th Grade Homework Policy

Tests and assignments that are missed due to excused absences are expected to be made up with one day given for each day missed.

Tests will be announced in advance. Students are allowed one late assignment per subject per quarter, less ten percent on the assignment. All succeeding “lates” will be a zero.

Students are expected to study daily in order to master material presented in class. Projects and reports are assigned occasionally and will be discussed in class prior to their assigning. Homework includes incomplete classwork from the day and other work given to reinforce concepts covered in class.

Please note it is the student’s responsibility to record daily assignments in their planner.

Homework assignments and testing information will be listed on the individual teacher’s Homework page. Extra help is available upon request.

Teachers follow the discipline plan outlined in the Our Lady of Refuge Parent and Student Handbook. Our Lady of Refuge Website, click on, Faculty and Staff then go to the grade level and choose the teacher to view the web pages.