Faculty and Staff

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Pre-School Through Second Grade

Mrs. Vanda Watha
Room: 114
Pre School - 3PK
Mrs. Heidi Bochnick
Room: 114
3PK Assistant
Ms. Marna Yelda
Room: 114
3PK Assistant
Mrs. Mary Kleam
Room: 114-2
Pre School - 3PK2
Mrs. Hunza Lodhi
Room: 114-2
3PK2 Assistant
Mrs. Hollie Reeber
Room: 114-2
3PK2 Assistant
Mrs. Stephanie Dimitroff
Room: 119
Pre School - 4PK
Mrs. Cindy Mackler
Room: 119
4PK Assistant
Mrs. Kim Moss
Room: 119
4PK Assistant
Mrs. Mackenzie Brossia
Room: 101
Ms. Brianne Ingweiller
Room: 121
Mrs. Jessica Tahmouch
Room: 103
First Grade
Ms. Lydia Maroki
Room: 104
First Grade
Ms. Lauren Zaitouna
Room: 102
Second Grade
Miss Sierra Kerckaert
Room: 105
Second Grade

Third, Fourth and Fifth Grade

Mrs. Emily Engler
Room: 108
Third Grade
Mrs. Bridgette Gumma
Room: 110
Third Grade
Mrs. Katie Garber
Room: 109
Fourth Grade
Mrs. Erin Martinez
Room: 111
Fourth Grade
Ms. Madeleine Hughes
Room: 107
Fifth Grade
Mrs. Alli Printz
Room: 112
Fifth Grade

Sixth, Seventh and Eighth Grade

Mrs. Maria Moore
Room: 115
Mrs. Hanna Parker
Room: 117
Social Studies
Mrs. Christine Ferguson
Room: 116
Mrs. Susan Wardle
Room: 118
Mrs. Jayne Babcock
Room: Science Lab (120)
Mrs. Lauri Hoffman
Room: 122
Middle School Religion

Computer Skills, Art, Performing Arts, Music/Band, Spanish, Athletics and Instructional Support

Mrs. Jennifer Bowyer
Room: Computer Lab
Computer Skills
Mrs. Katie Vranesich
Room: Art (106)
Mrs. Donna Swoboda
Room: 124 (Perf. Arts)
Music and Band
Mr. Peyton Coleman
Room: PAC Room
Mrs. Susan Kendall
Room: 127
Mrs. Tara Mulvany
Room: Instructional Support
Instructional Support

Administration and Staff

Msgr. Gerald McEnhill
Mr. Denny Rapal
Mrs. Peggy Houle
Mrs. Terri DiVirgilio
Staff/Extended Day Prgm
Mrs. Marjorie McElyea
Mrs. Lisa Brinkman
Mrs. Denette Plant
Religious Ed. Coordinator
Ms. Lauryn Coules
Youth Ministry Coordinator
To Be Announced
Liturgical Music Director
Mrs. Jennifer Bowyer
Athletics Director
Mrs. Eva Ashor
Parish Business Manager
Mr. Dennis Reitano
Ms. Frank
Lunch Room

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