Meet Your School Counselor

Who is your School Counselor?

Margie McElyea
Work Hours: Monday through Friday 7:30AM to 3:15PM 

I am proud to have been at Our Lady of Refuge since 2003. I hold a B.S. from Rochester Christian College in Counseling Psychology and a Masters in School Counseling from Capella University. I am a Registered Social Work Technician with the State of Michigan and have my School Counselor License (SC) and I have my N.C.C. license from the National Board of Certified Counselors.

What does the School Counselor do?
School Counselors work to support the academic, success, personal/social growth, and career development of students. This can be provided by supporting students through consultations and collaboration with parents, teachers, administrators, and other auxiliary staff. The school counselor functions to provide support for students and their families and is responsive to the many social and emotional issues that invariably arise within the school and home setting that may impact a student’s learning and overall functioning in school. I can provide information and consultations on social and emotional development in order to promote student learning and growth.

Students are also supported via classroom lessons, grade level and school-wide programs. I often meet with students individually or in small groups on topics such as on study habits, self-concept, behavior, anger management, making friends, divorce, grief counseling. Large group guidance activities which include: conflict resolution, socialization skills, drug free education, study skills, career exploration are examples. I consult with parents and faculty, attend conferences and observe students in the classroom and/or lunchroom.

We here at Our Lady of Refuge School works collaboratively with the consulting psychologist and learning specialists from West Bloomfield Intermediate School District (ISD) to perform and review educational and psychological testing to ensure an optimal learning experience for each child. We can offer short-term supportive counseling, but currently do not provide ongoing counseling services. We also help coordinate outside referrals or services (i.e. psychotherapy, group services, etc…)

How do I contact the school counselor?
As a counselor, I am often moving between classrooms and various meetings. You can contact me at any time through email, by phone or by speaking with me in person. I will return calls and emails as soon as possible. If it is urgent, please contact the front office. They will know how to reach me right away. I encourage you to contact me if you have any concerns at all about your child. It’s never too early to have a quick exchange or conversation about a particular student, because it helps familiarize us with a particular child or situation as well.

How does a student see the counselor?                                                                     

Students can be referred by a parent, teacher, Pastor, or other staff member such as Religious Education or Resource Room personnel. As I am available throughout the lunch hour students can also make self referrals.

Does the school counselor provide referrals?
Yes, school counselors interview local professionals and maintain up-to-date referrals for mental health and other professionals. For example, we currently have referrals for psychiatrists, psychologists (including those who specialize in educational and psychological assessment), clinical social workers, occupational therapists, and speech-language pathologists. In addition,West Bloomfield’s ISD consulting staff can also assist with making referrals. We would be happy to help you with a referral or to help you think through what resources you may need, so please feel free to contact us. If you are unsure of who to contact first, please feel free to contact myself or Mr. Pyles and we will work with you to find the best solution and to develop the best team to assist your student.