LURES Topics & Resources

The following lessons will be taught in the designated classes. Please download your Parent Guide to follow up with your children on these topics.

 PK through Grade 2 Lesson 1 – 6

1)      Human Weather Conditions

2)      Introducing the Concept of Luring

3)      The Concept of the Law

4)      Recognizing & Following Instincts

5)      What is a Stranger?

6)      The Concept of Dignity: Fostering Self-Esteem

Grades 3 & 4 up to Lesson 10- the above plus:

7)   The Affection Lure

8)      The Assistance Lure

9)      The Pet Lure

10)  The Authority Lure

Grade 5 up to Lesson 14 – the above plus:

11)  The Bribery Lure

12)  The Ego/Fame Lure

13)  The Emergency Lure

14)  The Fun & Games Lure

Grade 6 up to Lesson 18 – the above plus:

15)  The Hero Lure

16)  The Job Lure

17)  The Name Recognition Lure

18)  The Playmate Lure

Role Playing & Post-Test

Grades 7 & 8 All 23 Lessons (skipping Lessons 21, & 22)

19)  The Threats & Weapons Lure

20)  The Pornography Lure

23)  The Lure of Hate & Violence

Role Playing & Post-Test

Additional Diocesan recommended websites & books are This is Child Lures Prevention’s official website address. This is the all purpose page for parents, which lists the following URLS, which you are welcome to list individually: Helpful hints for discussing your child’s personal safety – Article. Think of Child Lures Prevention as a vaccine: teaching kids its prevention measures should be as routine as taking them for their scheduled immunization shots.  – Steps to take if your child is missing – Internet Safety information, including the Family Internet Safety Pact – a family agreement to keep Internet use fun and safe. – The definitive guide to keeping children safe