Choosing a Catholic High School

Why a catholic school?

Catholic high schools are unique faith-centered communities that integrate thinking and believing in ways that encourage intellectual growth and nurture faith and inspiration. They create a supportive and challenging climate which affirms the dignity of all persons within the school community.

Which school is right for us?

God made each one of us unique with special gifts and needs. High school is a new destination along the journey of faith and education. As one begins the task of choosing a Catholic high school one will discover that each has its own qualities.

When should we start looking?

Sixth Grade is the time for families to start considering which high school would be most appropriate for the student. At this grade level, the approach should be low key and not pressured. Each student has different needs and every high school should be considered for its various strengths.

Seventh Grade students should begin thinking about the environment and the activities that are important to them. Students should be open minded and consider all options. Attending Regional High School Events and speaking directly to the Admission Directors will assist parents and students in narrowing down their search.

Eighth Grade students will experience many opportunities to finalize the decision on which high school will best meet their needs. The Catholic High School Admissions Exam is administered in November of the students 8th grade year. Application submission for admission to individual high schools is open from October 15 through December 1st.

How do we decide on which school?

Step 1 – Prioritize. List everything that is expected during the high school experience. Evaluate this list and arrange it in order of importance.

Step 2 – Worksheet. Create a worksheet to help you formulate pertinent questions and record important information. Compare the information recorded and determine how each school meets your needs.

Step 3 – Visits. Take advantage of shadowing, open houses, and other special events offered at the high schools.


Admissions procedures have been established for each school. An outline of the procedures is available at the individual high schools.

Placement exams are administered on the third Saturday of November. Contact the individual high schools for registration procedure, time of test, and make-up test dates.

Costs include tuition, fees for books, uniforms, athletic participation, special programs, labs, etc.

Checking them out

Open house days allow students and parents to visit and tour the schools, meet faculty, ask questions and gather information.

Special event attendance at fine art shows, music performances, plays, worship opportunities, fundraisers and sporting events can give insight into student and parent involvement and the extra-curricular activities available.

Shadowing provides a prospective eighth grader with the opportunity to visit the high school campus, observe classes and attend special programs. Currently enrolled high school students act as hosts and students observe a typical day.

High School Open Houses

All local High School offer open house opportunities throughout the year. Please review the listing on my High School Informational page for the full listing of dates and times at the school of your choice.