Student Leadership

As we continue to move toward a return to normal, we are excited to once again celebrate students for their leadership in the classroom!  We will be honoring students each week as chosen by a teacher for a characteristic that embodies what we strive for at OLR.  This week’s characteristic is Faith.  In a world where things seems random and out of our control, it is so important to have faith in not only Our Father and Our Lady, but in ourselves.  Students were chosen this week because of their demonstration of Faith in one form or another that makes them stand out from the everyday student.  Congratulations to all our recipients as identified below:

Emmanuel Saffo
Julia Sammut
Scarlett Marougi
Gia Jabiru
Axel Sammut
Sergio Abro
Tess Babcock
Mason George
Selma Zara
J J Lang
Seraphina Arabo
Maya Marougi
Skylar Delly
Noor Sheena
Brooklynn Barbat
Preston Brikho
Sophia Poota
Grace Tobia
Landon Samona
Logan Hamama
Ashton Delly  

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