Student Leadership – Temperance

As we close out the month of April, our student characteristic to celebrate is Temperance.  Temperance is one of the most important virtues, as it shows that you really have balance in your life and are able to show self control and willpower.  Those who show Temperance are usually the ones who stand out not only in the classroom, but in any group of people, because they tend to set an example for everyone else.  Congratulations to this week’s recipients listed below!

Brossia – Mirna Karana

Ingweilller – Parker Gergis

Tamouch – Michael Daboul

Maroki – Joseph Pfefferkorn

Hanna – Ashton Poota

Kerckaert – Luke Yaldo

Engler – Anna Mansour

Gumma – Giovanni Knight

Garber – Isabel Kashat

Martinez – Ava Garber

Ambrose – Michael Shammas

Printz – Grace McElyea

Parker – Christopher Eschrich

Wardle – Miley Karana

Rupple – Bella Hesano

Moore – Mavario Zoma

Brown – Selena Kalasho

Babcock – Finn Patterson

Bowyer – Joseph Smerecki

Hilbers – Thomas Mulvany

Vranesich – Ty Lige

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