Student Leadership – Prudence

To kick off May, our student characteristic to celebrate is Prudence.  Prudence is what allows you to make the good choices that help you become the best version of yourself.  Those who show Prudence take time to make a decision because they make sure it is the right one.  Congratulations to this week’s recipients!

Brossia – Gianna George

Ingweiler – Luke Foumia

Tahmouch – Roman Dabish

Maroki – Nidia Anderson

Hanna – Nolan Ingham

Kerckaert – Jordyn Delly

Engler – Zara Mickley

Gumma – Miriam Assad
Martinez – Maxx Kouza

Garber – Aspen Raynish

Ambrose – Cydney Ericson

Printz – Sebastian Saroki

Parker – Roman George

Wardle – Joe Harb

Ruppel – Jake Coscia

Moore – Luke Gulli

Brown – Phil Assad

Babcock – Aryana Mendoza

Bowyer – Khloe Zerki

Hilbers – Jocelyn Yono

Muer – Scarlet Salmo

Rosini – Luna Geoge

Vranesich – Sydney Akrawi

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