Student Leadership – Justice

Welcome back!  This week, our student characteristic to celebrate is Justice.  Justice is the belief that all of us are worthy of the gifts of God, and we neither take more than we need or want for more than we have.  Justice allows us to not only take care of ourselves, but be caring enough to take care of those around us.  By showing Justice to others, these students make sure they are leaving any environment better than when they found it.  Congratulations to this week’s recipients!

Brossia – Laine Burch

Ingweiler – Sadie Kuza

Tahmouch – Francis Tobia

Maroki – Vivian Coscia

Hanna – Christian Gergis

Kerckaert – Scarlett Jarjosa

Engler – Thomas Abro

Gumma – Haley Toma
Martinez – Anthony Antiwan

Garber – Christian Poota

Ambrose – Luke Yono

Printz – Gabe Yono

Parker – Landon Zeer

Wardle – Shannon Klimmek

Ruppel – Gia Brikho

Moore – Christian Abro

Brown – Jacob Jarjosa

Babcock – Grace Watha

Bowyer – Dylan Semaan

Hilbers – Lauren Toma

Muer – Lucas Davis

Rosini – Mya Martinez

Vranesich – Evelyn Coscia

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