Student Leadership – Hope

Happy Holy Week!  During this special week in our Catholic faith, it is fitting to celebrate those who show hope in the classroom.  Hope is what allows us to move forward when things don’t go the way we plan.  These students have the hope that things will always get better.  Whatever the situation, it takes hope to always find the best in every situation, and that’s what makes these students stand out.  Congratulations to this week’s recipients!

Vincent Ayar
Maria Poota
Marciano Acho
Grant Bahri
Abigail Roberts
Greyson Thomas
Logan Cavanaugh
Lucas Kathwa
Gracelyn Gumma
Gabby Abro
Reese George
Stella George
Sarai Yono
Tristan Babbie
Anthony Abro
Max Hanna
Alayana Ayar
Cameron Delly
Hunter Zeer
Jade Bacall
Isabella Kalasho
Eli Ajjo
Anne Marie Asad

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