Student Leadership – Courage

Happy Spring!  We continue honoring students by celebrating those who show courage in the classroom.   They may have the courage to try something new, to stand up for another classmate or even just taking a guess at an answer.  Whatever the reason, it takes courage to do something that makes you uncomfortable, and that makes them stand out from the everyday student.  Congratulations to this week’s recipients! 

Ava Knight-Elzerman
Brooklyn Kasgorgis
Munro Graham
Brielle Yousef
Hudson Thomas
Rocco Sawa
Jonathan Marougi
Luke Abro
Preston Ingham
Scarlett Salmo
Bailey Roberts
Lucas Kumm
Allyson Darakdjian
Elizabeth Ayar
Katelynn Dabish
Sidney Smerecki
Thomas Denha
Gianna Nikprelaj
Annalise Kashat
Koen Locklear
Lauren Toma
Isabella Ayar
Roman Kalasho

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