School Spotlight – October 29th

Our school is very blessed to have teachers recognized during the A.O.D. annual Prep Bowl at Ford Field. Congratulations to Ms. Paige Leo/Preschool teacher (5 years), Ms. Hanna Parker/Middle School Social Studies teacher (5 years), Ms. Jessica Tahmouch/First Grade teacher (10 years), and Mrs. Bridgette Gumma (10 years) for your service and dedication to Catholic Education with the Archdiocese of Detroit. We are so blessed to have these experienced teachers working with our students at Our Lady of Refuge.

October is the month of the Rosary and as we wrap up this month, our school gathered as one to pray a ‘living Rosary” together in the church. Our campus minister, Dr. Heidi Bigsby and music minister, Mr. Tim Smith coordinated our students to lead us in the prayers of the Rosary. We are truly blessed for this experience and working to “Walk the Path with Jesus”, which is our theme for this school year.

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