School Spotlight – November 6th

It has been an exciting week at Refuge! Congratulations to everyone contributing to the record breaking “Raven Race”. We have met many goals and truly set the bar for future years!

Our school is very blessed to have teachers recognized during the AOD annual Prep Bowl at Ford Field. Congratulations to Ms. Ingweiller/Kindergarten teacher (5 yrs.), Mrs. Brossia/Kindergarten teacher (10 yrs.), Mrs. Mulvany/Instructional Specialist (15 yrs.) and Mrs. Ferguson/Middle School Reading teach (25 yrs.) for your service and dedication to Catholic Education with the Archdiocese of Detroit.

Continuing with honors, we are so proud of our Varsity Football team playing an exhibition game at Ford Field and scoring a touchdown in the 20 minute block. Our Volleyball team will be competing in the CYO Championship game this coming week and we are gearing up for a win!

October is the month of the Rosary and as we wrap up this month, our School gathered as one to pray a ‘living Rosary’ together in the church. We are truly blessed and better together.

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