Oscar Mansky, 2009 Graduate

Oscar Mansky is an actor living in Chicago, IL. His siblings all attended OLR at some point, as well as his Mom, Maureen. Some of his favorite memories include playing basketball during lunch, being given equipment privileges for recess, and playing in the basketball program (even if it was spent mostly on the bench). A couple of his favorite teachers were Mrs. Murphy in 3rd grade and Mrs. Waltz in 7th and 8th grade. He now spends his time in the acting world, and is based in Chicago. He’s most recently been featured in Chicago Fire, as well feature films ‘If You’re Gone’ and ‘Bathroom Stalls and Parking Lots,’ with more movies and shows in the works. He also hosts ‘What Happenedish Podcast’ with his brother and fellow OLR alum. We are so proud of Oscar and all of his accomplishments!

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