Newsletter – October 1

Welcome to October!  What an incredibly busy month September was…and October looks to be just as packed.  This week alone, we are starting our IOWA testing (please see below for good tips to make sure your child is as prepared as possible), hot lunch service and ending the week with our first Pep Rally!  

A HUGE thank you for all the support you generously gave to the JDRF mission day.  Our goal was to beat last year’s amount raised of $2,500 and we CRUSHED that amount by raising over $4,000!!  It’s such a wonderful charity and to continue to support it as graciously as our families do is something of which everyone should be proud.

In case you didn’t receive the email on Friday, please consider nominating one of our outstanding Our Lady of Refuge educators from now through October 4 and he/she could win $500 and some very exciting recognition. Every day between October 22-26, “Live in the D” will surprise one of the winning teachers at his/her school, live on the show!  Use the following link to nominate:

Lastly, we truly appreciate all the parents who are continuing to help make dismissal run as smoothly, and most importantly, as safely as possible for all our students.  Your help in following with the traffic flow and crowd control procedures is making it so we never have to worry about any child walking through our lot. Have a great week and stay dry!


The Night Before the Test
1. Make sure your child gets plenty of sleep the night before the test.
2. Plan ahead to avoid problems before the test so he/she doesn’t go to bed upset.
3. Tell your child you know tests can be hard, but that taking them gives him/her a
chance to show how well he/she can do.
4. Be encouraging — let your child know you think he/she will do well on the test.

The Morning of the Test
1. Have your child get up early enough to avoid hurrying.
2. Make sure your child has a good breakfast on the morning of the test.
3. Be positive when you send your child to school.
4. Make sure he/she goes to school on the day of the test (make-ups are difficult).

After the Test
1. Reward your child for trying hard on the test.
2. Talk with your child about what was learned from the test.

When you receive your child’s test results:
1. Don’t compare his/her performance to a sibling or a friend’s child.
2. Point out your child’s strong areas and how proud you are.
3. Talk about the areas of need and how the family can work together to improve those
4. Discuss with your child’s counselor/teacher any questions you or your child have about the
test or the results.

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