Newsletter – March 11th

Hello OLR families,

We’re glad everyone remembered to move their clocks forward, since  (almost) all students came to school on time today! It was great to see some parents attend our Internet Presentation Friday morning, you can never be too informed about the constantly changing concerns we have for the accessibility our children have to information.  Please make sure you are doing all you can to monitor your child’s online behavior as it will avoid potential issues in the future.

The following elementary students are being recognized for their commitment to our theme of Being Kind and were chosen as March’s Student Leadership Award by their teacher:

Sergio Abro, Kindergarten, Miss Bickes
Noah Lousia, Kindergarten, Miss Bickes
John Marji, Kindergarten, Miss Ingweiller

Lucas Kathawa, First Grade, Mrs. Tahmouch
Madalyn Moss, First Grade, Miss Wolynski
Steven Kherkher, First Grade, Miss Wolynski
Jocelyn Yono, Second Grade, Miss Zeer
Jordan Barbat, Second Grade, Miss Zeer
Julian Kalasho, Second Grade, Miss Kerckaert
Anthony Antiwan, Second Grade, Miss Kerckaert
Gabe Yono, Third Grade, Mrs. Printz
Stella George, Third Grade, Mrs. Printz
Paris Pattah, Third Grade, Mrs. Murphy
Landon Zeer, Fourth Grade, Mrs. Garber
Noor Sheena, Fourth Grade, Mrs. Garber
Olivia McCue, Fourth Grade, Mrs. Martinez
Lourdes Abro, Fifth Grade, Mrs. Stec
Julian Yaldoo, Fifth Grade, Mrs. Stec
Jade Bacall, Fifth Grade, Mrs. Mulvany
Mavario Zoma, Fifth Grade, Mrs. Mulvany

Just a reminder that this week, there will be a Parents’ Club meeting on Wednesday at 7 PM in the Media Center and Fall registration for next school year is due on Friday.  Enjoy the warmer temperatures as we get closer and closer to the official start of Spring!

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