Newsletter – February 11th

Hello OLR families,

It’s been a pretty crazy month with the weather and the need to close school for the safety of our families, but we work to make each day we are in session meaningful and vibrant!  With the upcoming mid-winter break, February will be here and gone before we know it.

A huge thank you to the Dads’ Club for putting on the amazing 3rd Annual Casino Night.  It was a beautiful event and truly a night to remember!

Congratulations to the following students who were recognized for their leadership during the month of February:

  • Miss Bickes:  Frank Dalimonte and Brando Mir
  • Miss Ingweiller:  Landen Kinaia
  • Mrs. Tahmouch:  Michael Kallasho
  • Miss Wolynski:  Abigail Abro and Thomas Abro
  • Miss Zeer:  Lily Mulvany and Gabriella Abro
  • Miss Kerckaert:  Scarlett Salmo
  • Mrs. Engler:  Lila Moss
  • Mrs. Murphy:  Saleena Bahu and Jacob Daboul
  • Mrs. Garber:  Miley Karana
  • Mrs. Martinez:  Kayla Lucia and Joey Harb
  • Mrs. Stec:  Carson Abro
  • Mrs. Mulvany:  Ann Marie Asad and Zach Lynam
  • Miss Stachura:  Alayna Ayar and Jaden Nannoshi
  • Miss Flynn:  Isabella Ayar and Sophia Poota
  • Miss Ruppel:  Ava Barbat
  • Mrs. Embree:  Madeline Goodman and Lourdes Bachi
  • Mrs. Babcock:  Vincent Kirma and Lourdes Koza
  • Mr. Hilbers:  Isabella Atto

Lastly, thank you for your donations to our January Mission Jean Day that the 4th grade collected money for to support the Assistance League of Southeast Michigan.  This foundation has been around for almost 30 years and is a nonprofit, hands on, all member volunteer organization whose mission is to feed, clothe, educate and comfort children and adults through community based programs.  The generosity of the Our Lady of Refuge community allows them to impact many more people in need!  Our February Mission Jean Day will be sponsored by the 5th grade with the donations going to the Ronald McDonald House, another great charity to support.

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