Newsletter – December 3rd

Hello OLR families,

Welcome to December!  First and foremost, we would like to acknowledge our elementary school students who were honored with the December’s Student Leader of the Month award for Kindness:

Mya Martinez, Kindergarten, Miss Bickes

Savannah Salmo, Kindergarten, Miss Bickes

Ashton Poota, Kindergarten, Miss Ingweiller

Annabelle Shina, Kindergarten, Miss Ingweiller

Nicholas Daboul, 1st Grade, Mrs. Tahmouch

Giovanni Knight, 1st Grade, Miss Wolynski

Tess Babcock, 1st Grade, Miss Wolynski

John Lang, 2nd Grade, Miss Zeer

Eva Garber, 2nd Grade, Miss Zeer

Alexandra Karmo, 2nd Grade, Miss Kerckaert

Sarina Sitto, 3rd Grade, Mrs. Engler

Conner Lossia, 3rd Grade, Mrs. Engler

Sebastian Saroki, 3rd Grade, Mrs. Murphy

Elizabeth Ayar, 4th Grade, Mrs. Garber

Tristan Babbie, 4th Grade, Mrs. Martinez

Noah Mansour, 5th Grade, Mrs. Stec

Mario Marougi, 5th Grade, Mrs. Mulvany

Alesa Mikhail, 5th Grade, Mrs. Mulvany

A huge celebration for the successful Mission Jean Day fundraiser!  The second grade “Take Steps for Crohn’s & Colitis” charity will truly benefit from the $2,300 that was raised for their important work!  

This week, our 3rd-8th grades will be attending Reconciliation with Father McEnhill, make sure to ask them about the experience.  We also kicked off the beginning of the new Liturgical year with Mrs. Degan, our Director of Religious Education, lighting the first candle of our Advent wreath this morning.  

Remember, there is a Dads’ Club meeting on 12/4 at 7 PM in the Social Hall, and this Thursday will be our K-5 Christmas performances in the Performing Arts Center, make sure to check with your child regarding details for their specific time.  

Have a wonderful week!

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