Fall 2018 Art Project

2018 Fall Art Class

To start the year off in art class all the students worked together to create a work of art. This project was directly inspired by the work of street artist Kelsey Montague. Kelsey is well known for her angel wing murals around the world. (We are lucky to have one in Detroit.)

To create this piece each student painted, cut out a feather from their painting and added pattern-work on their feather including something meaningful to them about being kind.

You can see this collaborative project when you come to school in the hall which leads from the office to the back of building. I would encourage you to ask your child to point out their feather and perhaps take a photo of them standing in front of the wings.

The big intention was to get them to work together to create something beautiful but to also reflect on the idea that God lifts us up but we also need to help lift each other up.

Colors by grade: Kindergarten – red, 1st – orange, 2nd – yellow, 3rd – green, 4th – blue, 5th – purple, middle school – magenta and turquoise.

Mrs. Darby, OLR Art Teacher

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