Oscar Mansky, 2009 Graduate

Oscar Mansky is an actor living in Chicago, IL. His siblings all attended OLR at some point, as well as his Mom, Maureen. Some of his favorite memories include playing basketball during lunch, being given equipment privileges for recess, and playing in the basketball program (even if it was spent mostly on the bench). A couple of his favorite teachers were Mrs. Murphy in 3rd grade and Mrs. Waltz in 7th and 8th grade. He now spends his time in the acting world, and is based in Chicago. He’s most recently been featured in Chicago Fire, as well feature films ‘If You’re Gone’ and ‘Bathroom Stalls and Parking Lots,’ with more movies and shows in the works. He also hosts ‘What Happenedish Podcast’ with his brother and fellow OLR alum. We are so proud of Oscar and all of his accomplishments!

Gavin Pozdol, 2019 Graduate

We are so proud of our recent alumni, Gavin Pozdol! Gavin is a freshman at St. Mary’s Preparatory. While quarantining with his family due to the recent events, he came up with a creative way to get his service hours and help healthcare professionals who are battling Covid-19. He began using his 3D printer to create 3D mask holders for Beaumont Hospital! Gavin, OLR is so impressed with you and all of your good works!

Hans Muer, 1979 Graduate

Hans graduated from Andover High School and then went on to Western Michigan University to obtain his Master’s Degree. During his career, he served as a Music Educator at Our Lady of Refuge! We love it when our alumni come full circle and are able to contribute to the development of our current students.

Michael Denha, 2011 Graduate

Michael Denha graduated from OLR in 2011 and then attended Brother Rice High School. Michael went on to get a Bachelor’s Degree from Wayne State University and is currently in law school . It’s great to see another Raven alumni doing well!

Candace Castiglione (Knight), 1997 Graduate

Candace Castiglione (Knight) is a 1997 graduate of OLR. She went on to Our Lady of the Lakes for high school and then to Western Michigan University where she received a Masters Degree. Candace is currently the Dean of Admissions at Orchard Lake St. Mary’s Preparatory.

Bianca Kizy (Jiddou), 2003 Graduate

Bianca Kizy (Jiddou) is a 2003 OLR graduate. She went on to Mercy High School and then to get her doctorate from Wayne State University. Bianca is an ophthalmologist. We love a Raven success story!

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