Student Leadership – Hope

Happy Holy Week!  During this special week in our Catholic faith, it is fitting to celebrate those who show hope in the classroom.  Hope is what allows us to move forward when things don’t go the way we plan.  These students have the hope that things will always get better.  Whatever the situation, it takes hope to always find the best in every situation, and that’s what makes these students stand out.  Congratulations to this week’s recipients!

Vincent Ayar
Maria Poota
Marciano Acho
Grant Bahri
Abigail Roberts
Greyson Thomas
Logan Cavanaugh
Lucas Kathwa
Gracelyn Gumma
Gabby Abro
Reese George
Stella George
Sarai Yono
Tristan Babbie
Anthony Abro
Max Hanna
Alayana Ayar
Cameron Delly
Hunter Zeer
Jade Bacall
Isabella Kalasho
Eli Ajjo
Anne Marie Asad

Preschool Easter Bunny Visit

The OLR preschoolers were excited to get an early visit from the Easter Bunny today!  Happy Easter! 

Student Leadership – Courage

Happy Spring!  We continue honoring students by celebrating those who show courage in the classroom.   They may have the courage to try something new, to stand up for another classmate or even just taking a guess at an answer.  Whatever the reason, it takes courage to do something that makes you uncomfortable, and that makes them stand out from the everyday student.  Congratulations to this week’s recipients! 

Ava Knight-Elzerman
Brooklyn Kasgorgis
Munro Graham
Brielle Yousef
Hudson Thomas
Rocco Sawa
Jonathan Marougi
Luke Abro
Preston Ingham
Scarlett Salmo
Bailey Roberts
Lucas Kumm
Allyson Darakdjian
Elizabeth Ayar
Katelynn Dabish
Sidney Smerecki
Thomas Denha
Gianna Nikprelaj
Annalise Kashat
Koen Locklear
Lauren Toma
Isabella Ayar
Roman Kalasho

Student Leadership

As we continue to move toward a return to normal, we are excited to once again celebrate students for their leadership in the classroom!  We will be honoring students each week as chosen by a teacher for a characteristic that embodies what we strive for at OLR.  This week’s characteristic is Faith.  In a world where things seems random and out of our control, it is so important to have faith in not only Our Father and Our Lady, but in ourselves.  Students were chosen this week because of their demonstration of Faith in one form or another that makes them stand out from the everyday student.  Congratulations to all our recipients as identified below:

Emmanuel Saffo
Julia Sammut
Scarlett Marougi
Gia Jabiru
Axel Sammut
Sergio Abro
Tess Babcock
Mason George
Selma Zara
J J Lang
Seraphina Arabo
Maya Marougi
Skylar Delly
Noor Sheena
Brooklynn Barbat
Preston Brikho
Sophia Poota
Grace Tobia
Landon Samona
Logan Hamama
Ashton Delly  

Oscar Mansky, 2009 Graduate

Oscar Mansky is an actor living in Chicago, IL. His siblings all attended OLR at some point, as well as his Mom, Maureen. Some of his favorite memories include playing basketball during lunch, being given equipment privileges for recess, and playing in the basketball program (even if it was spent mostly on the bench). A couple of his favorite teachers were Mrs. Murphy in 3rd grade and Mrs. Waltz in 7th and 8th grade. He now spends his time in the acting world, and is based in Chicago. He’s most recently been featured in Chicago Fire, as well feature films ‘If You’re Gone’ and ‘Bathroom Stalls and Parking Lots,’ with more movies and shows in the works. He also hosts ‘What Happenedish Podcast’ with his brother and fellow OLR alum. We are so proud of Oscar and all of his accomplishments!

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