Exploring Electricity & Magnetism!

The eight grade is helping their preschool buddies become future scientists while exploring electricity and magnetism!  They are discovering: how magnets behave, how static electricity works, as well as creating and completing circuits while using: snap circuit kits, wires, batteries and lights, and becoming part of a human circuit with an energy stick.  The students even got a chance to experiment with the Van Di Graaf generator!  Science is electric at OLR!!!

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A Special Visit for Reading Month

We want to thank Senator Mike Kowall for taking time out of his busy schedule to come and read to our Kindergarten and First graders in the Media Center.  March is Reading Month and Senator Kowall, who attended catholic school as a child, volunteered to come and read to our students. The kids enjoyed the visit!

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Eighth Graders Give Back

The OLR 8th graders went to the Pontiac Gleaners to volunteer their time recently.The students jumped right in and went to work in the warehouse. They were packing, taping and stacking boxes of food. They also had a group folding bags that are used for the mail carrier’s food drive which is the biggest contributor to Gleaners. For a little over an hour, the students accomplished some hard work. About 1,000 bags were folded and 5 pallets of boxes of food were completed. What a great job 8th grade!

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Introducing OLR’s National Junior Honor Society Students!

Congratulations on your hard work and commitment to excellence!!

Back row: Connor Mona, Gabriel Seman, Alma Tatem, Brooke Hamama, Maria Hesano, Isabella Prezzato, Bella Mikhail, Luke Gabriel
Front row: Kyle Mona, Nicole Matti, Vanessa Jamoua, Sophia Basmaji, Jacob Shamoun

Introducing OLR's National Junior Honor Society students!

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