Math Pentathlon

OLR’s second and third graders participated in a Math Pentathlon Tournament on Saturday. They all played very well with each pentathlete getting at least one victory and some kind of an award.

Refuge was able to earn two metals. The Hall of Fame Metal went to Roman Kalasho and the Gold Metal went to Mia Kashat. Each student wore their award to school to show their classmates and teachers. However, more important than the metals, was that our children represented their school, family, and faith with the utmost respect and courtesy.

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OLR Math Pentathlon

First Graders Focus on Writing Reports

First grade’s writing focus this past month was on reports. Each student chose their favorite animal to research and to write their report about. Students gathered information from non-fiction text, wrote a rough draft and typed their rough draft in computer class. Finally, they dressed up as their animal to give a presentation of their report to the class.  They learned so much, and they looked awesome!

Animal Report

4th Grade Spanish Supermarket!

Our fourth grade Spanish students had the opportunity to practice their speaking skills by participating in a mini-supermercado (supermarket)! Students learned key vocabulary words and gained insight into currency used in Spanish-speaking countries. Students “bought” and “sold” their individual fruit or veggie, and all had a great time! We are very grateful for our parent volunteers as well.

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OLR Has Talent!

The students of OLR had a chance to show off their God given talent recently at our annual talent show! It was a great success.

The groups and solo acts sang and danced much to the audience’s delight. It was an excellent display of talent that the kids, parents and teachers look forward to every year.

Great job OLR!

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