Science Day

Our Lady of Refuge’s sixth grade class celebrated Science Day with a field trip to the Michigan Science Center. The excursion began with an electricity show in the Sparks Theater where the hair of one student literally stood on end! In a hands-on exhibit, the sixth graders learned about the forms of energy by attempting to lift a 1,000 pound weight. (They succeeded!) An engaging IMAX movie taught the class about the microbial mysteries around us, followed by a presentation in the Planetarium about the vastness of the universe. The day was wrapped up with a ride on the Planetarium’s virtual Mobius Strip roller coaster. It was a fantastic day of science fun for everyone!

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Skool Speeling Bea, oops – School Spelling Bee

OLR School Spelling Bee

Julia Lucia, an eighth grader from room 112, Ms. Karlowicz’s class, is the Our Lady of Refuge Spelling Bee school champion for the Scripps National Spelling Bee for 2015-2016. Julia competed against thirteen other students in grades 5-8. Each student approached the microphone very calmly and recited each word carefully, spelling each word correctly. Julia’s ‘winning word’ was MELODRAMATIC. Julia won a personal Spelling Bee trophy for herself, will have her name engraved on the school Spelling Bee Champion plaque and will now move up to the next step of the Spelling Bee at Oakland Schools on Sunday, February 7, 2016. Let’s wish Julia all the best and extra good luck on her exciting adventure.

The runner-up speller was Nick Harbaugh, from room 117, and will receive a runner-up trophy. All participants received a Spelling Bee participation certificate.

Ms. Karlowicz – 8th grade teacher, Spelling Bee Coordinator.

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