Telephone Notification System

As most parents already know, Our Lady of Refuge School has implemented an important new technology enhancement to help facilitate rapid and effective communications from the school.  The new system provided by One Call Now enables Robert Pyles, our principal, and Debra Richards, our secretary, to quickly and efficiently send telephone notifications to all parents.  The system supports both “information” and “urgent” message options.  The value of the system was demonstrated on October 20th, when Mr. Pyles was able to send out an urgent notification to inform and reassure parents when the school experienced a loss of electrical power. 

We are continuing to learn more about the system and plan to implement additional features over time.  This will include the ability to use the system to provide notifications for other school activities including sports and other events.  The system allows us to tailor the delivery so that messages are sent to only those parents and others to which they apply.   We also plan to provide more information regarding the system on the website.  This will include the ability for parents to update their contact telephone numbers. 

Now that the system is launched, there is one very important item for all parents to note:  The CallerID that will appear on all messages sent from the school is 877.698.3261.  This is the toll free One Call Now number.  When you see an incoming call from this number, it indicates the call is a notification from Our Lady of Refuge School.

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