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2020 Sports Update! (15-Jun-2020)

Hello Our Lady of Refuge Ravens!

2020 has been a year unlike any other. I know it feels like many of our lives have been a roller coaster and plagued with uncertainty of the future. Athletic programs have experienced the same things. Here is a breakdown of what we know as of now:

– As of now we have NO GUARANTEE of a CYO fall sports season

– We have been issued tentative start dates that are in line with previous years, but they now only offer us a guideline as to what could happen (hopefully) if things improve

– There is a chance that the season is delayed, shortened, or even cancelled altogether

– Due to the closure of so many businesses this Spring we (or any other school/parish) are NOT requiring NEW athletic physicals to be completed

– We DO still need a copy of a physical on file. If you have a current one, you may turn in a copy as usual. We will also be accepting physicals from anytime since March of 2019

– We will NOT ask for any registration fee or any other fee to be paid until we have more information about the fall season

– We are asking people to still register for fall sports if they are interested so that we can try to get accurate team numbers IN THE EVENT we are able to have a season


– AS OF NOW we are tentatively planning (hoping) to be able to begin OUTDOOR conditioning for fall sports at Our Lady of Refuge starting on July 6th

– AS OF NOW there are still state mandated distance guidelines and total participant limits for these potential conditioning sessions

– We expect the school and parish building to be CLOSED to coaches, parents, and athletes during these sessions

– With this in mind, conditioning sessions will likely be shorter (hour or less) and staggered as to keep fewer people on the athletic fields at all times

– More information about summer conditioning will hopefully be available shortly

CYO Athletics are dedicated to the development of the student athlete in a Christian atmosphere. CYO Athletics support Catholic values, sportsmanship and outstanding development in their respective sport.

If you have any questions, please contact Zach Hilbers, Athletic Director at

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