Mrs. Vranesich


Why is art important?

​We all learn through a discovery process.  It doesn’t matter what the subject, it’s through exploring the subject the student can best understand and retain the information learned.  When a student has to make choices and investigate options, which fits and which does not, then they can really start to peel back the layers of the subject to get a clearer understanding.  Children are inherently curious.  It’s this curiosity that lends itself to learning through discovery.  The concept of being a good problem solver is a very good attribute for any student to have.  I’m excited to share with students this process of problem-solving through exploration and discovery.  No matter what field the students choose to pursue they will greatly benefit from this skill.


Each year in Art class students will learn key concepts and specific artistic skills to build upon from one school year to the next. Every grade level’s learning goals focuses the elements of art, and become more challenging and complex as the students skills progress. When grading students projects I focus on the following: artistic skills used, following directions and craftsmanship/neatness. Below is an example of some of the art concepts and skills taught to grades K-5: